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It's Your Story to Tell

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Dr. Paul J. Zak , a Director of the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies recently discovered that oxytocin, a natural brain hormone, can be triggered by character-driven narratives. Dr. Zak wrote in his Harvard Business Review article, "Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling" that "when you want to motivate, persuade or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture people's hearts-by first attracting their brains." Your content  is a great place to tell stories relative to your business, which is known to increase sales and followers.

I once had a client that had given up on his blog after two years. Unfortunately, he used it as an announcement board for his product line instead of making it a place of substance. He could have used it to tell the story of his company's mission, stories about people he'd helped and stories of how his product could help so many others while eventually promoting those products.

The art to storytelling is to tell what your business can do for your prospective client or what it has already done while incorporating a character. We see it on every infomercial, why? It works!

Want to try your hand at storytelling, try this format:

  1. State the desired result that the prospective client is looking for

  2. Tell a story with a character

  3. Declare your CTA or mention your solution (your product or service)

Using stories in your content gives your clients something to look forward to other than your products, which can take months or longer to produce. It can even increase your sales if done right.

Do you use stories to market your business? Do you plan to? Drop a comment below.



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