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Don't Just Create Content - Put It In Their Face

Updated: Jul 31, 2022


As a Content Marketing Strategist for other service providers who uses content marketing in my own business in makes perfect sense that I have a process for promoting the content I make. Just like anything surrounding the marketing of your business you need to plan out your content distribution or how you will get your content in front of your intended audience. The plans that I use have been researched, crafted and applied with awesome results, which implies some testing and modifying is necessary but the result of getting your content in front of the right eyes is priceless.

Planning Your Distribution

The first step to planning my content distribution is to position the piece of content. This is based on who the content is for and the purpose of it or where the audience falls in the buying cycle. If the content is created to generate awareness vs. getting them to make some sort of commitment. I also factor in the amount of time invested in created the piece of content. Industry standards say the longer it takes you to create the content is equivalent to the time you should spend promoting it.

How I Plan

To make my distribution easier I have 3 documented plans that my content can fall into:

  1. General Distribution Plan - for regularly produced content such as for blog posts, videos and podcasts

  2. Big Rock Plan - for longer blog posts targeted for people further in the journey, freebies or email list building material

  3. Bubblin' Plan - for lead offers such as Challenges, webinars, masterclasses and etc. and my core offer

Ultimately you have to factor in what your audience is getting and what you are asking of them with your content. In a way you should consider “the bigger the ask the bigger the promotion”.

Do You Have A Content Promotion Plan in Place?

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