How to Make Your Content Corleone Fresh

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I was at a workshop the first time I remember hearing the term “Evergreen” Content” and I quickly made the association with its meaning it was clear the use of the word “green” implied fresh.

What is Evergreen Content? 

We were talking about creating content that will be forever fresh. Sure we hear it all the time your content should be relevant and timely so I’m sure at first though the idea creating something that will always be relevant and timely is like being asked to film a movie as legendary as The Godfather.

Types of Content

Creating content is more than just writing a blog post, posting a video or recording a podcast. Remembering that the 1 of the main purposes of content marketing is attract traffic so that you can feed your sales funnel and close on sales. 5 types of content that are easy to keep green are:

  1. Questions & Answers - content that asks the questions your target audience is asking and then gives them the answers [Example: You're So Vain...Was That Like Even About You?]

  2. Step-By-Step Process - content that breaks down a process into steps [Example: 3 Steps to Make Your Business Uniquely Valuable

  3. How-To Posts and Ultimate Guides - content that explains how to achieve a certain result [Example: How to Get the Best Return for Your Content]

  4. Fundamentals for Success - content that breaks down the basics [Example: Create a Clear Marketing Strategy]

  5. Thought Leadership and New Methods - content that displays your expertise in your own unique way [Example: The Step You Missed Building Your Sales Funnel]

The most critical component about the longevity of evergreen content is to keep it updated. 


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