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How to Prep to Build Your Content Calendar?

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Before creating your content an important step of content planning is to conduct a content audit. Start by reviewing any content you have already created and make sure it aligns with your goals for the year and can work within your sales funnel and adjust, if necessary.

No Content, No Worries

If you are just starting your Content Marketing Program and have no content that's fine, it's actually great! There is no emotional attachment to something you may have already created that now may need to be trashed.

A Content Arsenal

If you've already started your content marketing program and are looking to improve on it, gather up all your content (hopefully you have a content library) and start pulling material that maybe outdated, irrelevant or just plain out of funnel for your new marketing program. Start thinking about what you can expand on and repurpose, what areas have you covered in your industry and where there are holes in your topics, the stuff I like to call "untapped territory".

It's All for Them

Whether you're just starting your program or you're adding to it, I think now is a great time to ask your audience what they need from you content-wise, after all it's all for them anyway. Hopefully you genuinely want a relationship with your audience and not just their money.

Create a survey on SurveyMonkey or post a poll on Facebook - however you choose to do it get your audience's input in your content to save you the headache of wasted time. Remember the goal is to turn them into paying customers and they know what they like. Now that you have a clear view of current and potential content you can begin thinking about how you want to lay it all out in your sales funnel and how you plan to distribute it your audience.

Do you already have content or are you starting fresh? Let me know below or tell us on social media.



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