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Understanding the Content Calendar

"I feel like I spend all my time creating content",
"my content didn't drive the sales that wanted,"
"I don't have time to create my own content."

These are all the complaints that I have heard from people surrounding content marketing. I'll be honest it's not all their fault. When content marketing really began to boom there were tons of online consultants yelling "Content is king" selling people on the idea that all they needed to do was create content, which is the farthest thing from the truth. Using content to market your business takes clarity, time and strategy and that is the only way you will see lasting results. I take my time to create my content and because of that I have a consistent audience that read my blog posts and open my emails. Another cool thing is while there is some overlap in audience, most of these people come from 2 totaling different parts of my funnel.

In past blog posts, I have taken you through how to set your content marketing goal, how to appeal to YOUR audience, and the beginning steps of a sales funnel. Trust me I know that the tricks of content marketing are not something that people are born with, which is why I have no problem walking through the steps with you and even giving you the tools you need to do it.

The next very important piece of the content marketing puzzle is the content calendar. What is it? Just the ultimate life-saver is all! In life it is very important that I have things in front of my face because that's the only way I can remember everything I have to do and it is no different with your content!

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a tool that is used to keep track of when your content is created, distributed and promoted. It helps to keep you on track and on purpose with your business goal.

A great content calendar can help you to actually create content that works with your sales funnel to increase sales, traffic and engagement. It's actually how you know your editorial calendar is working, so there is no mystery involved there.



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