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4 Emails You Should Be Sending But Probably Aren't

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Thousands of businesses are using email marketing to promote their products, some of them sending 2 or more emails a day, but I couldn’t help to wonder how many of them are strictly sales emails and how many of the emails sent actually feed their sales funnels?

When you think about the use of emails to feed your sales funnel we can break them into 4 broad categories (and I say broad from an advanced p.o.v) they are:

  1. Prospecting - while I’m very much against send cold emails (emails to recipients whom you have no previous interaction or relationship with) sending emails to prospects that you have researched and can classify in your funnel are ok, as long as, you can address a need or want they have

  2. Cultivation - These are emails sent to your current subscribers and can be as simple as a newsletter about what’s happens with your business and products

  3. Reactivation - these are emails sent to your recipients that appear to have lost interest in your content and are no longer opening your emails. The subject line should seek their input on what they need form you

  4. Lead Nurturing - These emails should encourage your subscribers to spend or take an action that moves them further through your sales funnel

While it is possible to break each one of these categories of emails into smaller categories these 4 are a great place to start when preparing your email marketing.

Do You Use Email Marketing in Your Business?

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