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Easy Way to Get Your Business in on the Holiday Action

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Looking to get your feet wet in the Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday arena check out my 5 easy-peasy offers you launch this week to help your business slay this holiday season.

Easy Ideas

1. One-Day Deals –

  • Don’t - go past the deadline, you risk looking desperate

  • Do – Promote everywhere you can

2. Combined Offers –

  • Don’t – Offer unwanted inventory

  • Do – make it worth coming back for

3. Email Subscription Deals –

  • Don’t – Over promise

  • Do – keep track of supplies

4. Free shipping –

  • Don’t – Just don’t if you can’t

  • Do – If you can

5. Coupon Codes –

  • Do do do

If you want more ideas of promotions you can run in your business download my FREE whitepaper, How to Slay Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Every Day After


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