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Instagram Highlights: My Pros & Cons for Business Newbies

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Instagram Marketing

After much coaxing from my tribe, I joined the world of Instagram about 2 years ago and my biggest annoyance about it was not being able to link out from my posts. I was shocked that a platform that had almost a billion subscribers, a lot of using it to promote content didn’t have the ability to link out. My love for Instagram is definitely analytical. Most of my blog visits come from Instagram and I get double taps waaay quicker than facebook and my engagement rates are higher than any other social platform I use. And while I’m sure that’s because people are way more visual these days I am still please with my results and Instagram Highlights has in a way lulled my obsession to link out.

So I call this blog post my rant/profession of love for Instagram. However despite my the lack to link, I still love Instagram and feel that it is the best social media platform for business newbies and here’s why – Instagram Highlights!

My Instagram Evolution

I went the route of setting up a Linktree account, a free online platform that allowed me the ability to add multiple links to a third party page with a single link that I used on Instagram. At first this was “the answer” but as time went on, I once again became annoyed this time with the feeling that material was now buried!

Why can’t they just make it so we can link out from posts! (ahhhh!)

Ok! I'm calm, sorry about that! Then came IG Stories a way to feature whatever I wanted about my business for 24hrs, this was a great idea but should you have a promotion running for a week you have to repost about it every day…queue in Instagram Highlights! While I’m still adding my highlights to IG account, I am loving the results so far.

Pros & Cons for Newbies

As I’ve already addressed the biggest “con” to Instagram Highlights is the linking. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, the option to swipe up and add links becomes available once you get 1,000 followers – so stay active and stay consistent.

Now for the pros and why I absolutely feel like Highlights has opened a huge door for newbies!

  1. Timeless – Instagram Highlights don’t disappear like Instastories. Your Highlights are viewable for as long as you leave them up.

  2. More than one highlight – You can add more than one highlight – you can have an intro vid, a promotion, a video of your cat, Fluffy, if you want it’s almost like having your website right on a social platform!

  3. Not buried – Highlights appear right under your profile info, so it’s right in your followers faces!


As I stated most of my website visitors and blog visits come from Instagram so it is a platform that is definitely worth the effort it takes to build a following and highlights just made it so easy for the newbs to jump right in!

Do You Use Instagram for Your Business?

Let me know in the comments below or over on my facebook page!

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