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The Anatomy of An Engaging Social Media Post


We all know the importance of promoting your business on social media but do your posts contain the right features to get your target audience engaged. We can publish 20 posts a day to Social Media but if the posts are not maximized for viewers to see and interact with your wasting your time.

You can maximize the effectiveness of your social posts by including:

  1. 1.) Photos - Incorporate a relevant, High-Res. image. Preferably an action shot to get your audience's attention.

  2. 2.) Caption - Add captions to your photos that are engaging and show some form of personality. Avoid sounding salesy.

  3. 3.) Tags - Always tag your locations and individuals that may be in the photo or applicable to the post.

  4. 4.)Hashtags - Create hashtags for your campaigns. By creating a hashtag you can create trackable conversations around your business.

  5. 5.) CTA (Call-To-Action) - After your caption, tell your audience what you want them to do. You can even lead them where you want them to go with a link. Be sure to shorten your links using sites like, hootsuite or tinyurl.

Are your posts engaging? How many of these have you been including in your social media posts? Drop your answers in the comments.



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